Standard with every dedicated server is the peace of mind knowing that we are keeping an active watch on your server around the clock. Everything we do is proactive from weekly security audits, applying important software updates to responding to outage notifications.

Included Features

  • Server (HTTP) Monitoring

    Server (HTTP) Monitoring

    Every 5 minutes one of our monitoring servers will connect to your managed dedicated server and verify that it is accessible. We check both HTTP and MySQL. In the event that something has gone wrong and your managed dedicated server appears offline, we will be notified and start taking immediate corrective action.

  • Proactive Security Auditing

    Proactive Security Auditing

    We are proactive when it comes to checking your managed dedicated server to ensure that no one has gained unauthorized access and that everything is as secure as it should be. Using a set of open source and custom tools we conduct a manual security audit of your server at least once a week.

  • Proactive Security Updates

    Proactive Security Updates

    The security of your managed dedicated server is one of our highest priorities and it is our mission to ensure that your server is kept up to date from the latest security threats. By staying current with the latest security news and mailing lists we are able to apply patches as soon as they become available.

  • Proactive OS & Software Updates

    Proactive OS & Software Updates

    When it comes to keeping your managed dedicated server up to date we are always staying current with the latest updates to the operating system and any software installed. Only updates that are necessary are applied to prevent any unnecessary downtime or disruptions of service.

  • Free Account Transfer

    Free Account Transfer

    Upon request we will move your account(s) over to our service free of charge. All primary websites will be checked to ensure that they are working as intended. (Limit of 20 accounts for resellers and dedicated servers. Additional accounts can be moved over for a small fee.)

  • Weekly Offsite Backups

    Weekly Offsite Backups

    Every weekend we sync local backups to a remote backup array located in a different data center in a different geographical location. This is done not only for added peace of mind but also extra redundancy in the event of a worst case scenario affecting our primary data centers.

  • 3rd Party Software Assistance

    3rd Party Software Assistance

    Depending on what managed dedicated server you order, our technical support staff will be able to assist you for so many hours per month with software that we did not install nor officially support. Please note that all 3rd Party Software Assistance is done on a best effort basis and in some rare cases we may not be able to help.