Launched in 2006 as a solution to the multitude of web hosting providers who fail to deliver, our primary goal has always been to keep your website up and running. With highly skilled and passionate support staff we are not only technically capable of accomplishing that goal but also determined to see it through!

Our Beliefs and Mission

In a crowded sea of web hosting providers it can be a daunting task to pick the right company and that is why we try and separate ourselves by doing what we have done right from the start, providing affordable, reliable and secure web hosting.

We understand that web hosting can be intimidating to those who are not technically savvy but it doesn't have to be. With the development of easy to use control panels, site builders and one click installers, getting your website online in a matter of seconds is no longer a dream. It's our belief that web hosting should be simple and that is why we include all of those easy to use features with most of our plans.

There are no surprises, hidden fees or any pricing gimmicks with our service. What you see is what you get and everything is laid out there in the open. From our no questions asked money back guarantee to being proactive in notifying clients of impending maintenance and any ongoing outages, we not only believe in full disclosure but actually practice it on a daily basis.

Technical and Service Partners

  • Apache

    Powering over a hundred million websites on the internet today, Apache is the leading open source web server that we use on all of our servers along with the latest versions of MySQL and PHP.

  • cPanel

    cPanel is an easy to use web based control panel that will allow you to manage every aspect of your hosting account. From creating new email addresses to uploading your website, it's only a few mouse clicks away.

  • CloudFlare

    CloudFlare is a free third party service that acts like a content delivery network between our servers and your website visitors. We have partnered with CloudFlare to offer easy activation from within the control panel.

  • Softaculous

    Softaculous is an easy to use one click installer of over 125+ web based applications. Whether you're looking to install a WordPress blog or setup a CMS such as Joomla, it can all be done within a matter of seconds.